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  Name Type BPM Starting at
Ain’t No Love (Feat. Bobby Blue Bland) Hip Hop, Sampled 94 $0.99 Buy
Fast Life Hip Hop 95 $0.99 Buy
She Got It Hip Hop, R&B 80 $0.99 Buy
When I Look Into Your Eyes Hip Hop, R&B 90 $0.99 Buy
Thoughts Hip Hop 90 $0.99 Buy
Different Messages Hip Hop, R&B 90 $0.99 Buy
Once In A Lifetime Hip Hop 90 $0.99 Buy
We Good Hip Hop 90 $0.99 Buy
We Good [Extended] Hip Hop 90 $0.99 Buy
First Time Lover Hip Hop, R&B 85 $0.99 Buy
Keep It Together Hip Hop 90 $0.99 Buy
Reverb Hip Hop 76 $0.99 Buy
Summer State Of Mind Hip Hop 95 $0.99 Buy
Weed & Video Games Hip Hop 76 $0.99 Buy
Living In The Moment Hip Hop 120 $0.99 Buy
Every time Hip Hop, R&B 90 $0.99 Buy
Higher Than A Astronaut Hip Hop 72 $0.99 Buy
I’m Gifted Hip Hop 80 $0.99 Buy
Our Little Love Affair Hip Hop, R&B 154 $0.99 Buy
Weekend Getaway Hip Hop, R&B 86 $0.99 Buy
Inner Thoughts Hip Hop, R&B 120 $0.99 Buy
Hip Hop Hip Hop 95 $0.99 Buy